Delta Quadrant - My baby, my 'I want to play this game' game

Star Chronicles: Delta Quadrant

My first serious attempt at a full game. A Sci-fi Rogue like game.

With earth destroyed in the third world war. The Descendants of Earth is in search of a new place to call home.

This is the story of one captain which makes the discovery of a lifetime, but will he be able to return to the Alpha Quadrant and inform everyone of the great news and also the great danger!

The basic framework of the game is finished. Things I still need to do:

  • Finish the story or plot
  • Generate more content (Items, Enemies, Events, etc.)
  • UI Work (Eye candy, Info and feedback to the player)
  • Tutorial

Floppy Screen - Ludum Dare Dec 2014
Play Now: Browser/Web

Warning this is a crazy hard game. Sorry.
So, I finished my Ludum Dare 31. What a fun experience. Here is my game page and a web version of my game.

Math Bomb - My first - Back to Top
Play Now: Browser/Web | Android Play Store

My first finished game. Wanted to start with something easy and basic, so I ended up with a math game.