Currently a full one man indie team. Started my indie development career with 1 year in XNA and converted to the wonderfull
Unity 3d for 2 years now. Mostly been learning and prototyping, but now busy with my first serious game called Delta Quadrant.

My name is Jayson and yes it is spelled with a 'y'.

Started coding when I was 14. Messing around with QBasic and that Gorillas game. Created a few small ascii based games in high school.

Me and a friend decided to study at Hatfield Business and Computer college in Pretoria. There I learned a little bit of everything, but C++, SQL and web design interested me the most. And received two diplomas (which I found out later, is basicly worth nothing).

After that 2 years teaching at another college, then 2 years web design, then 4 years in Point of Sale, 2 years wasting time and money on forex trading.

Then I made the first good choice in my life and married my wonderful wife with a degree and good job :P

So with all my strange experiences and love of coding I finally have the chance and freedom to do something I love.

Game programming!